47 thoughts on “How to Train your Dog to STOP BARKING!

  1. Andy JV Lo says:

    What an ABSOLUTELY terrible theory. Youll need treats for life doing this and it will take you forever plus the dog knew who was knocking. Try it without treats and a stranger knocking.

  2. Wishmaster333 says:

    I have a new puppy that only barks at strangers outside. Not sure why tho. He barks at females but not males. It’s actually my mother in-laws dog and she’s living with us. I don’t think she’s up for actual puppy training. Every time he starts barking at strangers she yells at him to stop it.

  3. A K says:

    This dog is axactly like my dog. Everytime the bell rings he barks loudly like this dog. It is indeed very hard to comunicate with him while barking, but I am able to.
    The most difficult part is when I'm home alone and have to open the door. Whe have an extra door in front of the outside door (safety for our animals) and when I close that extra door he starts barking again while he did stopped. It is hard to train, but I'm gonna try these tips!!

  4. Kathy B says:

    What if your dog doesn't care about treats? I've tried 5 kinds! It also happens in the middle of the night when I'm asleep the most. He won't stay in his crate yet. Help!

  5. driline says:

    Our puppy barked when I was trying to watch this video :-/ Good video. I need to try this with our older pup as well. BUT we have MORE of a barking issue with seeing things out our back door AND when he plays with our older pup he barks. HELP!

  6. xSuusTijger says:

    One of the dogs I know be like:
    Some person: enters the room
    Dog: E X C I T E M E N T
    Me: distracts him, ask him to follow, sit and paw
    Dog: listens perfectly
    Dog then: still goes up to that person, barks and jumps

  7. Sceptic101 O0O0O says:

    Our dog barks at everything. He sees a blade of great move, and he barks. We spent almost $3,000 on a fence to stop the barking, and it didn't help. No matter what we do, he refuses to stop barking. When e yell at him to stop, he comes to us, knowing he did something wrong, then as soon as we leave, he starts with the barking again.

  8. Misha Shahzada says:

    I love these videos, they're so helpful! Just a little too much product placement in them though. I would rather see more time on the dog training vs. spending 30% of the video plugging brands.

  9. Simon Huang says:

    oh please- this is the white people method. My dog use to bark like crrrrazy when somebody wouuld be at the door. I gave him a good BEATING once and he never barked like that again.

  10. R Sully says:

    Zak is an absolute genius. This guy has single handedly saved me hundreds of dollars in dog training and allowed me instead to spend that money on tasty treats my dog will enjoy!

    Thanks Zak. I'm gonna contribute to ya on Patreon!

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