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  1. clmisk says:

    Hey. Tom. I have a question for you. I have just started watching your videos. Loving what I am seeing so far. I have a two dog "Dogtra" collar. Why do you use vibration over tone to get the dogs attention initially. One of my dog's is really sensitive to the tone. I have it at a 2 and it causes a negative reaction. No reaction at 1.

  2. Shannon 22 says:

    Hello I worked with a previous trainer on e-collar work with my dogs and I stopped the training method because it made my two dogs really resent the e-collar I then stopped the training right away because I didn't want them to resent it but it left an impression. I want to be able to do this training with them because I love hiking and I would love to someday take them off leash. I was wondering how you would go about reintroducing the e-collar to a dog that resents it.

  3. Mason says:

    I introduced my pitbull that is 1 1/2 years old to the e collar today and she was not having it! Lol I’m gonna use your advice and hopefully she will respond

  4. Dan RL says:

    The ‘animal lovers’ who so adamantly oppose e-collar training are probably among those who sit down and eat them three times a day. I can’t take these people seriously. I had a debate once with an all positive trainer at a dog park and although I was very calm about being told I was basically abusing my dog, she was verging on hysterical. Common sense isn’t that common these days.

  5. mike d. says:

    Nice job I have used the e collar for 13 yrs, they are great in the right hands. I see too many people using them wrong is an abusive manner and not even realizing it. Even If I point it out most don't buy it. E collars should not be sold with out a minimum an hours worth of solid training and that would only be the basics, nor would the hour included how to run the machine, the hour would only be for how to actually actually use it properly on the dog

  6. Dwayne Larner says:

    I’m confused about one thing. I bought the educator for my American bulldog so we can start e collar training. Let’s say a year down the road he has progressed well with all the training. If we are out at a dog park and I say “ boomer come” I’m not still using the e collar right? Yes he will have it on him but is the collar something we use with every single command for life or is it just to get him to learn what it does. I hope you understand my question, I can’t seem to word it properly. In short is the e collar stimulation something that I use for life or just for training.

  7. Raven Saint says:

    I use an Ecollar to do recall training. Took all of a few days for the puppy to understand the "taps" and the vibrate sensation from the collar. I'm happy with the training since then that my pup has learned. Only thing left is her duty training as a Service Dog. The Ecollar is helpful when I need her to recall and I cannot call her verbally, because I have seizures and sometimes effects my ability to speak properly. She is a year old and does her trained duties very well. Not perfected yet, but we live out away from busy places and she has very little work done in public places, but she handles it very well. Pushing me to the exit when she feels I need to get out of the stressful environment of a public place and the crowds of people.

  8. Laura keller says:

    I love how this switches around the punishment angle of how to use an e-collar. I am so confused though if this will work on impulsive, off leash behaviors like running after a preferred activity. For example, my Keegan knows all basic commands and has great recall when we are playing. But if he smells deer he is off like a shot. His last trainer said use an ecollar to "BAM" him when he even looks into the woods. Gave me many examples of how the "stim" is used to make the dog feel the deer is actually causing the discomfort. Ugh. Can your method be used to train to the point of the dog not following an instinctive behavior?

  9. Christian L says:

    Ive noticed there are times in your videos the EC is up high and the prong collar is lower or vice versa. Ive used an EC before. it's been a year and I'm starting again with reintroduction, recall on a long lead, using this video asa guide. I was instructed to always have prong collar high on neck. can you clarify and maybe do a video on placement and fitting of the collar and using it conjunction with a prong. Is the goal to eventually never use a prong or other corrective collar and only a flat and EC, when using the EC, otherwise makes sense I would use prong as needed when not using the EC.

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