24 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Museum's K-9 Project

  1. Calvin Weston says:

    I'm a veteran and I have 2 Belgium's that I really need help with… When the guy said you have a battle buddy I teared up… Because he absolutely right I'd die for my dogs cause I know they'll die for me..

  2. skateski says:

    I have never met a military service dog. What would happen if I approach a military dog like a family dog being goofy and playing around. Would the dog attack me or just be completely uninterested?

  3. kes 78 says:

    I 100% understand the bond you have with your dog. My dog saved my life and she weighs no more than 10 lbs but has a lion heart and would kill for me and vice versa

  4. Char shepherd says:

    I hate to ruin the mood BUT those prongs are HORRIBLY fitted. It is dangerous to the dog to keep them that low. They need to be tighter and right behind the ears. If you care about your dog fit a training device properly on them.

  5. Martial Artist says:

    German, Mal, or Dutchie, all great dogs, but the Dutchie is my top choice. Why are Navy Seals on Social Media, TV, YouTube, News, and writing books while other Operator groups remain in the shadows.

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