20 thoughts on “Potty bells- Training Tips Tuesdays

  1. Isabella Merrigan says:

    This is kinda a old video but would this work for different rooms like in my house I spend most of my time super far away from the door in the bedroom and would not be able to hear the bell would it work to keep the bell in the bedroom and then take the dog to the door after she rings the bell or does the bell have to be on the outside door

  2. Alex Xela says:

    Thanks! How a dog that is bell trained let you know she needs to go outside when she is not at her owner's home (say staying at owner's friend's cause the owner is away for a few days)? Any chance of accidents in situations like that?

  3. Polarbear 0529 says:

    So I’m bell training my dog to go potty outside and when I bring him up to the door and say go potty ring the bell he rings the bell, my question is now that he knows to ring the bell on my command do I only give him a treat when he goes potty outside or do I still give him a treat when he rings the bell and goes potty out?

  4. Brandy Sullivan says:

    My 9 week old rings the bells just to play outside. Rings them all the time expecting treats outside. Since we've only been doing this about a week I don't want to ruin our work, but need her to know it's only for potty not to go outside to eat grass and lay down, please help

  5. Nayeli Diaz says:

    My dog just stares at the bells & does literally nothing when we tell him to "touch". Not even with treats. Not sure what it is. We've tried everything & nothing works! People said that these bells would be easier to work with. Our 6 month puppy just thinks it's better to hold it in and wet his bed if we're not taking him out every other hour. Does anyone have any input on this? I'm about to lose my mind. 😭

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