14 thoughts on “Puppy Training – Teach your puppy to pay attention

  1. Well-Mannered Dog Obedience Academy says:

    I would NEVER have allowed another dog to "hump" my dog. You can tell that while the pup is trying his best, he is nervous about that poodle. The pups owner (in my opinion) should have "protected" his dog, to further show support and leadership to him. Beautiful dog.

  2. Nieh says:

    Very nice, I've started doing the same with my 14 month old after finding that he would run off to other dogs due to lack of training from previous owners. He ignores all other dogs when a ball comes into the aspect, which is nice because then when I want him to play I can give him his release command,"all done" and he goes and plays but it's nice to be able to call him away and back from some of the not so friendly or strange dogs.

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