1. Akash Deep says:

    I used to admire dobermans a lot until I got to learn about rottweilers. Then I started wondering why did Mr. Dobermann create a new breed of dog when he could have easily trained a rottweiler.

  2. MaryEllen Meekins says:

    I like the way you showed how loving these dogs can be even though there trained to attack. I would love to see a follow up video of one of these full trained dogs in a home with children or around children to show how good they are with kids. Thanks!

  3. Sean Porter says:

    Never heard so much bollox in my life. Firstly, it’s a Dobermann. Pincer is a us addition to the name. In 20 years of owning them I’ve never ever seen blisters on their ears (from not being docked). All of my dogs protect by default and have never made a choice unless it was a real threat but the biggest joke is an 800 dog costing 35k after training?! WTAF is this crap?

  4. Niyaz Nazar says:

    My neighbor had one. He was friendly with us when we were kids. But, he gets fierce when he sees strangers. His fav spot is the car porch where he likes to rest. If he sees anyone at a distance, he lets out a loud trembling bark. I even pissed in my shorts hearing it.

  5. Robustik says:

    Thats really a big Doberman, my Boss had two and the first Time i saw them (first time see doberman in real) …hey i thought ure guys are bigger. But this One

  6. ruby says:

    I was at a dog park and a couple was walking their doberman around the outside of the fence, it was going psycho at the other dogs in the park but the couple kept doing rounds, i assumed they were trying to get the dog used to being around other dogs?
    anyone know a different reason?

  7. Peter North says:

    This company should be banned from what they are doing to these dogs. Anyone that pays up to £35,000 for one of these dogs should be locked up. I got a Doberman from my local dog rescue centre, and I gave a donation of £100. My Doberman is a gentle giant, but when I give him the command, he will bark at anyone.

  8. Peter North says:

    The USA (American's) take their Doberman's to the vets, to have plastic implants in the dog's ears, to make them look more mean. I think this practice is seriously cruel to the dogs.

  9. Sister_seal H says:

    "Dog training is about creating consequence for action" he said, but he has gotten it wrong. It's not about creating bad consequences for behavior that you don't like, it's about awarding them with positive feedback when they do thinks that you like. This way you build REAL communication with your dog, not trough prong collars like shown in this video. If the dog can't listen to the interviewer giving commands without her correcting him with the prong collar how can they ever expect him to listen of leash? If you are to buy a trained dog, buy it from someone who trains dogs in a modern way. A dog should listen to you because it wants to do as you say, not because it is afraid of the consequences.

  10. MH0709 says:

    Anyone that does that to the ears and tail of any dog is just looking for status symbol and should not be allowed to have any dog.
    Ps. One of my friends has a normal doberman and is a trained protection dog – she is the daughter of 'Jedi', a 150lbs+ European Working Dog champion with a full tail – a dog that your guest should know!

  11. schism says:

    tbh when a dog is so pretty. What I noticed is my dog always loves it when I do the things I like and relax, like when I game CoD or listen to some of my favourite bands like Delta Parole it feel like my dog is rocking out to the music together with me. Being a dog owner is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life, if you can give your dog the time he or she needs you will learn something new about your dog every day.

  12. IOPE says:

    Horrible that he is chopped just for family bodyguarding?! A police dog will be fighting more so i can understand the tail chop(a bit) but it’s illigaal to do this in Europe to your dog.. so how the f did this guy do this and got away with it?! Btw chopped ears gives infections to.. and the prong collor is not good also. Its bad training .

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