22 thoughts on “Train your dog to STOP pulling on leash

  1. Ana Larson says:

    I love rewatching this, it reminds me how some dogs can easily go back to poor walking as the owner gets lazy and is not paying attention, guilty as charge, my pup is super stubborn and tweaking as needed is always a good thing. Keep sharing, blessings.

  2. Emily Rose says:

    Easier with a chihuahua. I did this with a 100 lb pitbull who is the same weight as me. It took me and my mom to stop her from moving then eventually just me. She learned!

  3. statistic says:

    Here doggie have a cookie for walking. Here's another cookie for walking. Oh you're still walking with me here's another cookie. Silly silly hoomans. Notice how in every video she has treats for the dog. Real healthy… That does not show trust or even understanding of the concept, rather just continued bribery to get what you want. The dog has a relationship with the food, not the handler. If your dog truly trusted you and understood the concepts, you'd be able to easily remove the leash and the bag of food from the equation.

  4. Lizz Wellne says:

    I've used this technique with my pup, he's 8 months old now, and I feel like I've hit a wall.
    He's pretty good at walking but if he doesn't get treats when he feels he deserves them he will pull ahead and come back, he thinks it's the coming back to me I'm rewarding not staying in the position next to me.
    And when he does walk nicely he keeps staring at me, because he thinks looking into my eyes will get him the treat faster.
    I've tried to hold off on the treats until he walks nicely for a few seconds without looking at me, but then he just pulls ahead again.
    Is there something I can do to stop this?
    Walks are starting to become annoying because I'm not getting anywhere with him.

  5. Hema says:

    Hi, I would like to request a video with tips because my shih tzu boy 8 months old goes out fine for a walk but on coming back….. Oh no no he gets stuck to ground. I offer his fevriout treat but he refuse. After trying everything I am unsuccessful. Can you please help me.

  6. Arminda Stalnaker says:

    I have a question. I have a 14 week old Aussie border collie mix. She’s very smart, but does not like a leash. I just got her 4 days ago. She came from a farm and they never had so much as a collar on her. When I put a collar on her, she wasn’t thrilled, but got use to it by the end of the night. I started using a leash yesterday to take her out to potty, and as soon as I attached it, she nose dived into the grass. She does this when she’s scared. I picked her back up and put her on all fours, and she nose dived again lol. She finally started trying to sniff around but kept biting the leash. I told her no, and discouraged her from biting it, but she refused to use the bathroom. After 15 minutes I took her back in and 10 minutes later she wanted to go back out, so I again put the leash on and she did potty that time. Now it’s been a little easier, but as far as walking on the leash, she’s not pulling ahead, but rather refuses to walk on the leash and will sit and doesn’t want to come to me or walk with me. How do you handle that when the dog doesn’t even want to go forward?

  7. crsmit1979 says:

    Great video! Got a question for you. My dog is now 3 years old and she would walk down the street, but as soon as the traffic pics up she really gets scared and just lies down. Do you know how one can get my dog to not be scared of the cars? She has always been very sensitive to any loud noises.

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